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My Journey

In 1981, after studying Martial Arts for 20 years I experienced something that changed my life forever. While visiting a class conducted by 81-year-old Professor Yu, a well-known Qi Gong master, I was asked to participate in a demonstration. Professor Yu wanted me to push him over. I hesitated, not wanting to hurt the older man. But as I began to push him, I found myself flying back 5 feet and landing on my behind. Professor Yu told me to take a running start this time. I ran hard towards him, but halfway there, Master Yu knocked me back again, without physically touching me in any way. Professor Yu had used his Ch'i or energy force to move me. I realized then that, while I knew about the external "martial" part of Martial Arts, I really wanted to learn about the internal "art" part. And my philosophy of "seeing is believing" changed to "feeling is believing."

In 1974, I founded the Tiger Eye Claw Center, now one of Santa Clara Valley's oldest Martial Arts schools. For many years, I taught evening and weekend classes while I worked full time as a Program Manager at FMC — a defense contractor. In January 1992, I accepted an early retirement package from FMC and began offering weekday classes. I wanted to make myself more available to the community and provide a service.

I began also traveling more around the country conducting seminars and workshops on Tibetan T'ai Ch'i and Meditation, Healing Arts and Energy balancing, Kung-fu, Anger Release and more. So next I founded the Tibetan Arts - Martial & Healing Center and TiAiKi Tibetan Arts. I am the Senior Advisor to the International Wun Hop Kuen Do, Al Dacascos Academy.

Because of my diversified background, the Tiger Eye Claw Center provides many different styles. This variety helps in developing flexibility, strength and coordination. I believe that the Mind, Body and Spirit will efficiently and effectively function as one through the continuous process of learning precise movements.

My classes, from preschoolers through adults, include Chinese and Tibetan Kung-fu, Tibetan T'ai Ch'i, Qi Gong for Health and Well-being, Tibetan Meditation, Stick Fighting Art (Doce Pares) and Healing Arts.

There is so much we all have to learn from others, especially children. Children are a bundle of energy that just needs to be directed. I enjoy watching students grow and develop self-confidence and awareness.

My goal is that all the classes will help those who choose to change examine the stress in their lives. Too many people live in the past or the future, always thinking about what they did and the effect it will have. We can get lost in what is to be done and what will happen if we don't get finished. We don’t always think about where we are right now, and need to take a moment to enjoy our loved ones and take care of ourselves.

I am very fortunate to have been guided by superb masters: Sifu Ng Ngok, Shaolin Kung-Fu; Sifu Ted Sotelo, Fi Kuen; Professor Peng-si Yu and Min Ouyang, Qi Gong masters from Shanghai; a Tibetan disciple, and Grand Master Cacoy Canete of Cebu, Philippines, Doce Pares Federation: Eskrima, Eskrido/Dumog & Pangamot. Each one contributed to the solid foundation and provided a pivotal beginning for me. Lopon Si-Ting is my Tibetan Title given to me by Shenrab Nyima.

Personal Insights


• The creation of language is called the greatest achievement of art; each word, a focus of inner vibration of energy… the vibration of one's soul.

• Cobwebs of theology and speculation can hinder inner liberation. There are no secrets. It is not intentionally hidden. It can be acquired by self-discipline, though inner experience and assessing personal insights.

• Confidence grows into personal inner certainty; borne out by experiencing harmony with the laws of reasoning and reality. Let your inner faith and trust over come your inner obstacles. This inner readiness and open mindedness leads to spontaneous expression of liberation of our soul


Presentations, Workshops, Seminars & Clients



  • Portland's Whole Life Expo.
  • Qi Gong Institute of East West Academy for Healing Arts in San Francisco
  • East West Book Shop in Palo Alto
  • Rosecrucian Cultural Center in San Jose
  • 2000ASCD—Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development in New Orleans, Louisiana

Corporate Clients

  • Quantum
  • IBM
  • Apple Co.
  • Stress Management & T’ai Ch’i, Santa Clara University,
  • San Jose Atrium for Senior Citizens
  • Zen of Golf: Teaming with Dwight Barnett, PGA Professional
  • Golf Workshop & Inner-Mind Seminars.

Special Workshops

  • San Jose State University Fencing Team
  • San Jose Taiko Performers
  • Numerous Bay Area Elementary, Middle & High Schools
  • Drop-in Lecturer for San Jose State University
  • Body Therapy School in San Jose & Palo Alto
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Qi Gong Activity
  • Marianist Center and Elderhostel Seminars in Cupertino and Danville,
  • Continuum Co. in Sunnyvale — Women's Self-Defense
  • Anger Workshops - a Co-facilitator with Mark Wallek


California, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Oregon, Hawaii, Germany, Norway, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Barcelona, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas - CombatCon




  • 1963, Ngok Poy Ng, Kung-fu, Fu Jow Pai (Black Tiger System)
  • 1974, Established own school in San Jose, CA, Fu Ngon Jow (Tiger Eye Claw)
  • 1974, Kajukuenbo, further studies with Sifu Ted Sotelo
  • 1978, Kajukenbo, Fi Kuen (Flying Fist), Sifu Ted Sotelo established name
  • 1981, Peng-si Yu and his wife, Min Ouyang, studied Qi Gong and Meditation
  • 1981, Master Hu, Tibet, Qi Gong and Meditation, studying through his disciple
  • 1985. TiAiKi, established by Master Ron Lew in honor of Master Hu, Tibet
  • 1990, Sifu Ron Lew appointed as Senior Advisor, Wun Hop Kuen Do, Sifu Al Dacascos
  • 1992, Doce Pares Eskrima, under Great Grand Master Cacoy Canete, 12th Grade Black, Cebu Philippines
  • 2001, Latigo y Daga (Bull Whip & Dagger), Master Tom Meadows
  • 2003, Promoted to Professor, 8th Degree Black by Grand Master Ted Sotelo, Kajukenbo Fi Kuen
  • 2004, Inducted to the World Martial Art Master Hall of Fame
  • 2007, Promoted to Senior Master, 8th Grade Black by Grand Master Cacoy Canete
  • 2008, Inducted into Grand Master Cacoy Canete's First Doce Pares Hall of Fame - Cebu, Philippines: Most Notable Master
  • 2010, Inducted into SGM Cacoy Canete's Second Doce Pares Hall of Fame - Cebu, Philippines: Exemplary Dedication to Doce Pares
  • 2010, Promoted to Grand Master, 9th Grade Black in the Art of Eskrima - Eskrido by Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete
  • 2012, Promoted to Grand Master, 9th Grade Black in the Art of Pangamot by Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete
  • 2012, Inducted into SGM Cacoy Canete's Third Doce Pares Hall of Fame - Cebu, Philippines: Valuable Grand Master
  • 2012, Promoted to Maestro of the Whip Arts by Tom Meadows, Head Instructor / Founder, Latigo y Daga
  • 2014, Promoted to Grand Master, 10th Grade Black in the Art of
    Eskrima – Eskrido & Pangamot by Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete
  • 2014, Promoted to Grand Master, 10th Grade Black in the Art of Pangamot by Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete
  • 2014, Inducted into Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete's Fourth Doce Pares Hall of Fame - Cebu, Philippines: Exemplary Dedication to Doce Pares Award
  • 2016 Promoted to Sr. Grand Master, 11th Grade Black Belt in the Arts of Eskrima & Eskrido  by Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete


  • Education BS Degree, Industrial Engineering, San Jose State University, 1969
  • BS Degree, Business Management, San Jose State University, 1974
  • MBA, Business Administration, Pepperdine University, 1980


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